Function NameNoOrder
Upminster Daylight Council No 271 271AMD
Upmunstra Court  No 121 121ATH
St. Thomas of Acon Chapel of Pilgrims No 2  2KT
St. Thomas a`Beckett Tabernacle No 55  55KT
Essex BodyGuard Preceptory No 562 562KT
Essex Installed Masters Council No 211211RSM
Upminster Lodge (Mark Masons) No 11951195MM
Mark of Industry Lodge (Mark Masons) No 14131413MM
Southern Star Lodge (Mark Masons) No 20262026MM
Tuscan Pillar Lodge (Mark Masons) No 11421142MM
The Upminster Conclave No 263 263OSM
Earl of Warwick Conclave No   29  29OSM
Upminster Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No 11951195RAM
Tuscan Pillar Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No 11421142RAM
Mark of Industry Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No 14131413RAM
Courtenay Chapter Rose Croix No 728 728RC
Crossed Keys Chapter Rose Croix No 629 629RC
Roding Chapter Rose Croix No 866 866RC
Essex Quadrant Chapter Rose Croix No 501 501RC
St. John`s Gate Conclave No 403 403RCC
Crossed Keys Council No 110 110RSM
Templum Sublime Consistory No   69  69SC
Essex Jubilee Preceptory No 489 489UOT
De Mandeville Preceptory (1) No 261 261UOT
Felix E.Crate Preceptory No 382 382UOT