The first cluster meeting to be organised in Upminster for nearly 20 years was held at the Square on the 7th November 2018.

It was hosted by Sylvan Lodge No 6381 and attended by around 100 masons from the lodges which regularly meet there.

It was also attended by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VW Bro Paul Reeves PGSwdB and other members of the Provincial Executive.

During the meeting W Bro Mark Smith ProvSGD gave an excellent talk entitled In Pectore Robur (Heart of Oak) which was very well received by the brethren ...... more





On Wednesday 7th November 2018 the Sylvan Lodge No 6381 hosted a Lodge Cluster meeting, the first in almost 20 years, for those smaller Lodges that meet at The Square at Upminster.

The reason for holding this Cluster meeting was to:

• Enable Brethren to join together to increase their Masonic knowledge
• Enjoy each other’s companionship
• Provide a good opportunity to rekindle old friendships
• Provide a catalyst to enable new friendships
• Get brethren more involved in Freemasonry
• Provide an opportunity to visit other lodges
• Involve brethren in larger meetings.

As well as raising funds for Festival 2022

A lot of hard work, planning and organising went into this event to ensure a successful outcome and as a result it was very well supported. The Provincial Executive was represented by the Provincial Deputy Grand Master, VW Bro. Paul Reeves PGSwdB, W. Bro. Peter Hollingsworth PSGD, APGM (for Sylvan Lodge), W. Bro. Lee Taylor PGDC together with other members of the Provincial Executive team and Grand Officers. Furthermore, the meeting saw some 27 Lodges with an attendance in excess of 100 Brethren which exceeded the overall target!

Our Guest speaker was W. Bro. Mark Smith, ProvSGD, who added to the event’s success with a talk entitled “In Pectore Robur” (Heart of Oak), which was very informative, interesting and entertaining.

Paul Reeves was presented with a cheque for over £1200 for Festival 2022. A great achievement – many thanks for all your support.

The afternoon’s proceedings were rounded off by a fantastic Festive Board created by Gary Mitchell and his team, and the whole event enjoyed a great atmosphere and camaraderie.

An important part of any Cluster meeting is to keep it going ‘year on year’ to ensure all Lodges reap the benefit from an event of this importance. As we know, the Olympic flame was first introduced into our Modern Olympics at the 1928 Amsterdam Games. Since then, the flame has been passed from host nation to host nation and come to symbolise "the light of spirit, knowledge, and life." Therefore, the ‘flame’ for our Cluster meeting, a plaque, was presented to the 2019 host, Little Heath Lodge No 5935. This will ensure The Square at Upminster Cluster meeting continues for many years and becomes a regular and memorable event in our masonic calendar.